Union group chemical company

An industry leader in Europe, Union group chemical company, we are the world's largest producer of quick silver (Mercury), research chemicals, organic & inroganic chemicals.

In all of these activities, we focus on providing a combination of chemical products, services, and technical expertise that helps you reduce costs, improve performance, and achieve a safe work environment.

We also can provide a valuable service when it comes to filling up new markets and opening new regions. While expanding the business activities of your business skills as we can national and international support and so much more contact, a preliminary clarification of the technical details, multilingual support, adjustment to specific cross-cultural characteristics, planning and organization of meetings

Our office is located at
Avenida jose luis arrese 36, madrid Spain


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“Our association with Academy Roofing, B&M Roofing of Colorado Inc., and D&D Roofing...
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Would you like to ask us questions about the services we have available? Please contact us. We...
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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website We would like to announce the launch of our new website. You can find...


Union Group Chemical Company

Avenida jose luis arrese 36
Madrid Spain 47014

0034 603 925 935

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